KFC Waldlaubersheim Werbepylon  50 M TRIANGULAR PYLON PUT UP

 KFC Waldlaubersheim

Alpha Signs receives eligibility certificate After a creditworthiness analysis the Deutsche Bundesbank issued the certificate for „central bank eligibility” (“Notenbankfähigkeit”) to Alpha Signs. The classification „eligible“ (“notenbankfähig”) corresponds to the investment ratings of recognized rating agencies and stands for a high credit rating of our company. Alpha Signs is a strong and reliable partner for customers and suppliers even in times of crisis. Every day we are doing our best...
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KFC Waldlaubersheim advertising pylon
Restaurant new opening in Waldlaubersheim After quite a long preparation time, on the 22nd of October 2020,the 50 meters high spun concrete pole with impressive 12 x 5 m illuminated bannersfinally was put up. In advance, the banners had been finally assembled on siteand attached to the steel substructure. Subsequently, the restaurant signage elements will followand the restaurant in Waldlaubersheim will open its doors on 12th of November 2020 for...
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New VW Logo – Rebranding International The rebranding of the Volkswagen logo is planned to be one of the world’s largest. After participating at a worldwide tender, Alpha Signs, partner of Volkwagen group for many years, realised the first new logos at IAA 2019 in Frankfurt and is partner for the implementation of the VW-New Brand Design for dealers all over the world. Alpha Signs GmbH manufactures the new VW...
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BMW Beschilderung
New signage and wayfinding system for BMW To support BMW Group’s mission to focus on people, Alpha Signs has produced a user-friendly guidance and orientation system in line with BMW Group’s new signage concept. The system takes the requirements of different mobility groups on a BMW Group property into account (such as pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers). The products use a reflective technology for better visibility (such as that used...
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