VERLIEBT IN HALLE – made with love in Hohenthurm

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Festive unveiling of the new POI in Halle/S.

On the 29th of March 2022 the day had come that the head mayor of Halle and the CEO of Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH unveiled – together with Alpha Signs – another highlight in the heart of the city center. The 2.80 meters high sculpture should offer an attractive and modern attraction as a photo scene for inhabitants and visitors of the city.

For three years, the city of Halle campaigns with the claim “Verliebt in Halle”, translated “in love in/with Halle”. The sculpture is made of acrylic and aluminum, is portable and illuminated at night by LED lighting.

Alpha Signs is proud to have set such a statement at the region.

Unveiling Verliebt in Halle

Sculpture Verliebt in Halle