Corona Protection products

Show that you care about your customers and employees by improving their protection.

As the lockdown phase for CoVid 19 begins to be relaxed, we have expanded our virus protection product family with products that will continue to protect your employees and your customers as required. Our products are designed to be flexible to meet your requirements and can be customised with your logo, claim or a graphic. You can, of course, rely upon our designers to assist you in creating the graphics for your products.

More information on the products – which can also be purchased in our web shop – can be found in the following flyers:

New VW Logo – Rebranding International

The rebranding of the Volkswagen logo is planned to be one of the world’s largest. The new brand design is the result of their “Transform 2025+” program, which Volkswagen launched in autumn 2015.

This is the first time the logo has been changed since 2012. It no longer has a 3D effect and the V and W are now separated, which make the logo appear simpler.

A total of 171 markets in 154 countries will be adapted, with around 70,000 logos being exchanged at over 10,000 dealers and service partners worldwide. Alpha Signs GmbH manufactures the new VW logos and delivers them worldwide to international partners for installation. The new logo was presented for the first time at the Automesse in Frankfurt in September 2019 and was manufactured and installed by Alpha Signs.


To support BMW Group’s mission to focus on people, Alpha Signs has produced a user-friendly guidance and orientation system in line with BMW Group’s new signage concept. The system takes the requirements of different mobility groups on a BMW Group property into account (such as pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers).
The products use a reflective technology for better visibility (such as that used on street signs) and appear to shine in the dark. Our pylons and modules are in a fireproof design and match the requirements of BMWs corporate identity. The modules are easily modified due to the innovative quick-change magnetic system.

The system is implemented at all new and refurbished office buildings, factories and research facilities across Germany.