Growing environmental awareness and the ever-increasing demand for sustainability require innovative lighting solutions. With increasing energy costs, energy efficient lighting becomes more and more important. Today, LED technology is vital for retrofitting of existing as well as new constructions of areas primary used for commercial purposes.

As manufacturer with a high engineering competence we developed solutions which provide a high value and longevity and safety-related highest standards many years ago. We are offering a complete portfolio of completely developed, high-quality and certified LED lighting solutions.

lamps: tubes, spots, stripes

Indoor lighting: panels, downlights, tracklights, wall and ceiling lights, pendant lights

Outdoor lighting: square, road and terrace lighting, light bands

Special lighting: large format luminous ceilings, lamps and lights compliant to rail transport standards, fabric, acrylic and wire lights according to are in customer design

Based on your requirements we provide software based lighting designs and lighting concepts, we develop proposals for special solutions and put them into practice.