Retrofit or new development?

Alpha Signs’ goal is to always find the best and most affordable concept for their customers. Our first priority is the easy replacement of conventional illuminants with our so called Retrofit-LED-illuminants.

This way, today we are able to replace nearly all commercial light sources with a minimal effort and intervention in the existing technology. As an example, we can mention our LED Tubes, which are replaced by just taking out the old (fluorescent) tube and insert the new (LED) tube and immediately you save up to 65% electricity. At the utmost it could be necessary to bypass or take out the ballast. It is even easier to replace LED spots: take out the 35 watt halogen spot, replace by a 3 watt LED Spot, save 90% of energy and that’s it. As this is so simple, we also sell these illuminants in our LED Store ( For applications that are not so simple, our competent team also develops customer-specific solutions.

Our goal is to fulfill exceed your requirements. Especially when it comes to new planned applications we are your competent partner in the development of energy efficient lighting solutions.